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Lao business operators eye benefits of China******

VIENTIANE, Oct. 29 (Xinhua) -- Lao entrepreneurs are confident they will benefit from the China-Laos Railway.

The railway will drastically cut the cost of transport through Laos compared to travel by road, thus giving a boost to trade and investment as well as attracting more visitors, local daily Vientiane Times on Friday quoted Lao businessman, Daovone Phachanthavong, who is also the vice executive president of the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI), as saying.

When the railway comes into service, the cost of goods sold in Laos will be lower because it will be easier to import goods from China, Daovone told Vientiane Times when interviewed on Tuesday.

This will boost the income of Lao farmers because Chinese companies will invest more in agriculture in Laos, while more revenue will be earned from the increasing number of visitors to Laos, Daovone said.

China remains Laos' largest export market and is also the largest foreign investor in Laos.

Each year, Laos earns hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars from the export of copper ore, copper and copper products, as well as agricultural products including bananas, beans, sweet potato, rubber, cassava, sweetcorn, fruit (watermelon, passion fruit and tamarind) and processed wood to China.

Daovone believes that when the railway is operational, more Chinese companies will be interested in investing in these sectors in partnership with Lao businesses.

Other sectors will also benefit, especially tourism, with hotels, restaurants, guesthouses and vehicle rental businesses expected to earn more, while more revenue will be generated in the communication, education and health sectors, he added.

More foreign currency will flow into Laos, which will improve foreign exchange rates, lower inflation, and strengthen the economy, he said.

"From a personal perspective and as a business operator, I am confident that the government will roll out effective measures to bring the COVID-19 outbreak under control when the railway comes into service, so as to accelerate the recovery from the impacts of the pandemic," Daovone said.

He recommended that the government should do all it could to enable businesses to resume normal operations so they could bolster the incomes of local people as well as engage in more trading and investment for development purposes.

He also advised business operators to take this opportunity to work together to develop and improve their businesses in line with the circumstances imposed by the new normal.

The China-Laos Railway is a symbol of friendship between the two countries and will bring happiness and prosperity to the peoples of both countries, he said.

The China-Laos Railway is a docking project between the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative and Laos' strategy to convert itself from a landlocked country to a land-linked hub.

The electrified passenger and cargo railway is built with the full application of Chinese management and technical standards. The construction of the project started in December 2016 and is scheduled to be completed and operational in December 2021. Enditem

Yanqing's competition venues for Beijing 2022 fully covered with 5G******

BEIJING, Dec. 17 (Xinhua) -- With less than 50 days away before the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, full coverage of 5G signals has been in place at the National Sliding Center and the National Alpine Skiing Center.。

The two venues, located in the Yanqing competition zone, are set to host the alpine skiing, bobsleigh, skeleton and luge competitions during the Games.。

According to China Unicom, a leading telecom firm in China and the official telecommunication services partner for the Games, more than 30 5G base stations have been set up at the venues to ensure real-time weather forecast, timing and scoring, as well as media coverage.。

Yang Peng, deputy general manager of the network department of China Unicom Beijing, said that weather conditions play a pivotal role in alpine skiing, making 5G-backed real-time weather data collection for a forecast one of the top priorities for the event.。

"The 5G coverage enables real-time transmission of initial velocity, instantaneous speed and other data of athletes for timing and scoring," said Zhang Jia, director of Winter Olympics Office of China Unicom Beijing.。

Remote medical care can also be empowered by 5G during the Games in case of any injury, Zhang added.。

The 2022 Winter Olympics will open on February 4. Enditem。

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  而在最近,中国移动就开办了主题风格为“数即天地万物智算将来”的2021中国移动全世界合作小伙伴大会,在本次的大会上,OPPO则将集团旗下的Find X3 Pro摄像师版,几款IoT旗舰级新产品开展了比较应的展览而且向外部共享VOOC快速充电生态,UWB认知技术性,公司业务等行业的最新消息。

  OPPO在2021中国移动全世界合作小伙伴大会公布了一系列的相关动态性,谈及到在各层面和中国移动所开展的深层合作。比如商品方面,OPPO坚持不懈合作双赢,结合携手共进的认为,希望将中国移动的互联网优点及5G特点业务与OPPO终端商品能够更好地结合起來,现阶段,OPPO正全力以赴相互配合中国移动推动5G SA互联网普及化,全力支持5G信息,视频彩铃,非常SIM卡等自主创新业务的进行。在制定一系列高品质的5G终端和相互配合发布一系列业务服务项目外,OPPO和中国移动也在大量的方面开展了深层次的合作。



  而在大会期内举办的中国移动第二届5G终端嗨购节上,OPPO手机上终端也有了十分非常好的考试成绩,其持续2年得到手机上订购量排名第一。2021中国移动全世界合作小伙伴大会也设立了OPPO 中国移动泛全同盟最好合作小伙伴奖的全新升级殊荣。

  据统计,OPPO高级副总裁,OPPO研究所医生刘畅应邀参加大会并在“泛终端全渠道联盟暨智慧家居生态合作社区论坛”发布主题风格演说,共享OPPO与中国移动在5G行业获得的成效,及其走向未来生态的思索和对策。他表明,“5G生态早已全方位进到5G 数智化时期。

  大家坚信在天地万物互促的将来,以OPPO为象征的一系列生产商和各种营运商会得到更进一步的密切合作,不断促进一系列生态內容基本建设,让5G 数智化进一步为客户服务,为产业链颠覆式创新。

Top German leaders seek emergency virus plan******

Chancellor Angela Merkel and her designated successor Olaf Scholz were meeting German regional leaders yesterday to finalize new measures to tackle surging COVID-19 cases, with compulsory jabs among the options on the table.。

Infections have smashed records in Germany in recent weeks and hospitals are sounding the alarm, with many already over capacity and sending patients to other parts of the country for treatment.。

Though the seven-day incidence rate has fallen slightly this week, it still stood at 442.9 new infections per 100,000 people on Wednesday, with 67,186 new cases in the past 24 hours.。

Merkel, Scholz and the leaders of Germany's 16 states tightened COVID curbs just two weeks ago, but came together again on Tuesday to discuss tougher measures and are now expected to fine tune the plans.。

After Tuesday's meeting, Scholz said he was in favor of compulsory vaccination for all Germans and wants parliament to vote on the matter before the end of the year. "Too many people have not got vaccinated," he told Bild television. Making jabs compulsory is justified "to protect us all," he said.。

Many experts have blamed Germany's surging fourth wave on its relatively low vaccination rate of around 68 percent, compared to fellow European Union countries such as Spain on 79 percent and Portugal on 86 percent.。

Compulsory jabs should be in force "in the beginning of February or March so we must move quickly now," Scholz said.。

Merkel's outgoing government had always ruled out mandatory vaccination, but the measure is now backed by politicians from across the spectrum.。

Merkel's spokeswoman stopped short of endorsing the measure but said Germany was "in a dramatic situation in the pandemic where new possibilities have to be thought about."

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